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We are not seeking to create a wildlife garden but we are very sympathetic to the needs of local wildlife. We try to minimise disturbance when we know wildlife to be present and we provide cover for wildlife whenever possible.
The pond has made a major difference to the range of wildlife that we see in the garden and as the shrubs and trees have grown there has been much more cover for birds and mammals in the garden. The small pond provides a habitat which is good enough for water birds and we have had moorhens resident in the garden for about 5 years.
We have always seen Brown Hare in the garden and have had weasel resident from the time we moved here.
An open day is not a good time to see wildlife but you never know. You have a better chance with a private visit but even then it is down to good luck on the day.
The photos on the wildlfe pages have all been taken in the garden over a period of years. Most of the mushroom photographs were taken in August 2005 which was very wet, but still warm. Ideal conditions for mushrooms to grow.
The star picture this year must be that of the Dragon fly emerging from its larvae stage.

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