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The map shows our location relative to the A1 and the M62.heThe best approach is to take the A63 in the direction of Selby from either the M1 or the new A1(M). Take care not to miss the turnings. The new A1 is very grand but it can be a very long way around if you miss a turning.

Once on the A63 head in the direction of Selby and after you pass through Monk Fryston look out for a car wash on the right. Immediately afterwards turn right - signposted for Birkin and Hillam Gardens.
After half a mile turn left on Hillam Common Lane. Follow this for about a mile and a half. Don't give up too soon, we are well out of the village on the left and the garden is clearly visible from the road. Parking is up the grass lane just before the garden.













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